Meetup 14 (Vilnius)


2019 02 23


10 teams of testing professionals participating in a testing challenge organized by @TransferGo and @bugsaloud. Findings were evaluated by a team of judges. Great time spent on testing the app, reporting issues,  appraising them and networking. Great prizes & nominations. Thanks to all participants and hosts!



Feedback about event

We're thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with Bugs'a'loud Vilnius to create the QA Hackathon (aka Testathon) for TransferGo mobile apps.
From planning to execution and post event feedback everything went smoothly. Aistė and Sergejus had a clear vision for the event, so our part for logistics and hosting was so much easier. The event also achieved pretty good value for the business by allowing software testers from different levels to try and find any possible issues which we could address quite easily because of the format of the event.
Once again, we're very glad we had this event and will definitely be considering more events like this in the future. Thanks!

Šarūnas Savičianskas, CTO at TransferGo


Bug’s'aloud QA gathering is a place where people meet to talk about software testing and quality assurance as well as share knowledge and experiences with other like minded people.

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