Meetup 19

13 teams of testing professionals participating in a testing challenge organized by Trafi and bugs'a'loud. Findings were evaluated by a team of judges. Great time spent on testing the app, reporting issues, appraising them and networking. Great prizes & nominations.

Also Šarūnas Packevičius gave a talk about testing AI based mobile apps.​

Trafi, TestCon

It was very exciting to be on both sides of the joint event. It's fantastic how many people applied and actually came to test on a Saturday! Although some things could have went smoother, I hope everyone had fun and perhaps learnt a thing or two as well. We as organizers and judges definitely did, and plan to do a session about some of the things we learnt in the next bugs'a'loud meetup.

Congratulations to the winners and once again appologies for the mistake in counting the points of the first 3 prizes. To make up for it, we are announcing it here in the public and permanent space that the winners are:

1. Dioptrijos

2. GS Squad

3. WillTestForFood

Nevertheless, all teams did great! Thank you all, and hope to see you in other events!

Did you participate? To help us do even better next time, it would be great if you left us feedback here:

Aistė Stikliūtė, head of QA @ Trafi